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It's been a while, but I thought I'd reach out to you. We've just launched the Shadow Magic Anime pilot episode campaign over on KickStarter and I'd be grateful if you'd take a moment to have a look ^_^! 

Of course, any small pledge is sincerely appreciated, but if you're unable to, please share the link with anyone you know who might be interested!…

Thanks so much and I hope you're having an awesome day!


I was asked to share what was above. Please share if you can't afford to help, but still wish to. :)


TabisaNekosan's Profile Picture
Tabitha Lee Curran
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Greetings & Welcome
To all creatures of Night, and Day.
Human, and Supernatural.
Otherkin, and Therian.
Male, and Female.
God's, and Goddess's.
Lord, and Lady.
Master, and Mistress.
Dom, and Domme.
Dominant, and Submissive.
Submissive, Slave, and Pet.
Sir, Mr, Madam, Ma'am, Miss, and Mrs.
Vampire, Lycanthrope, Fay, Dragon, and Furry...
Or whatever you would like to be called...
To all who is reading this. This is who I am. Please read carefully. All you read here is true to me.

Hello I'm Frodo Madon (Tabisa Baggins/Tabisa Nekosan)
My Real name is Tabitha Curran.
You can call me that also if you want, or any various nickname.
Like Tab, Tabby, Tabi, Tabby Cat... And so on
Age 24 (25 on April 6th)
I Live in VA (Virginia) USA (North America)
I'm a Female, and Bi Sexual (Yay LGBT)

I am Taken, Mated, and Engaged to lovely Handsome Sexy Man.
So... I'm not available anymore for Online Dating, or Cybering.
Please respect that.
Friendships are ok...
Just as long as I don't fall in Love with you.
Joking, but really do not try to persuade me otherwise.

As you can see I'm a very colorful person. I'm Smart, and Cute... So I'm told. But what you don't see is I'm also A Neko in the Furry community, and I was raised in the community of Magic.... Born, and Raised a Wiccan... I believe in The Multiverse so I'm not judgmental on what you believe, or think is real. Because To me everything is real at some point in some way in some place, or place in time, or even in another universe, or realm of existence, and Even Metaphysical.

I think I'm a very fun person to be around... I'm honest sometimes to a fault, and sometimes it can be blunt... I'm very Loyal, and Loving... Heh I sound like a dog, but it's true... I like a lot of things Goth, Emo, Nerdy, Anime, Color Randomness, Cute Furry things, Dark Light, The Full Moon, Rainbows, Rain, Thunderstorms, Blood, Blades.... Music... I'm just full of variety in everything... I'm not really in a category besides unique.
My favorite Color's Are Red, Black, and Purple.
But I also Like Blue, Green, and Rainbow.
I'm not a BIG Pink person...

I'm more of a Tomboy I don't really wear dresses, or skirts... Or anything at times (I’m a Nudist at times) But I do like to wear a Sarong... Weird right... I don’t care much what kinda design on T-Shirt, or Tanktop. I’m not big on jeans, but I do like sweatpants. I'm not much of a Valley Girl or Girly Girl. I'm not into makeup unless it's for a costume. I am good at making people smile, and laugh... Even when I don't mean to it just kinda happens.

I Love to Role Play, but who I am is not a game... I take everything seriously... Sometime too seriously, and gets sucked into things...

So from all this I've been into art all my Life. Drawing, Music, and Just art of all kinds. I myself like to draw, and do computer art. It's not much, but I do try my best at what I can do.

Speaking of Music. I’m not too picky on Music, but am at the same time. I like a little bit of everything. I primarily like music that is in english, or with no words. My mane music timebase is primarily around the 90s, and early 2000s. But I have plenty of today’s music on my list. 2 Bands I really like to indorse are BeeCake (Alternative Rock), and Cradle of Filth (Metal) not really saying they are my favorite, but they tend to be bands that I know that not many others do. I Love Score Music, and Electronic (Techno Or whatever you want to call it.)

I like everything from African, Asian (East Asian, South and Southeast Asian and so on) Caribbean and Latin American (Brazilian, Other Latin and so on) Comedy, Country, Easy Listening, Electronic, Folk, Hip hop, Jazz,Pop, Rhythm and blues, Rock, Ska, Other things and so on. Pretty much anything that my ears like I will listen to if I’m in the mood for it :) I can go from listening to Disney to Hawaiian to K-Pop and or J-Pop to Minecraft Parody and back up down and around with some Techno, Alternative, Rock and what not all mixed in the middle.

Just pretty much Unique style. I don’t have 1 Favorite Music because I Love all music in a way. Music, and singing is like air to me. I don’t even have a Favorite band I love it all so much. I do have things that I mostly prefer not to listen to, but I can’t say that I dislike it much. At least I try not to. Because I’ve found that when I find myself saying Oh I don’t like Bla type Music that I end up finding 1, or more songs in it that I end up do liking. I Prefer not to listen to Christian, or Gospel Music, and Metal, as well as Today’s Rap, Hip Hop, and R&B. But eh that could change in the future, or based on my mood.

I have 3 pet's at home. 3 Cat's. Oh, and my Mom has 2 Beta Fish.
Tutankhamun aka Tut (Male Cat)
Cleopatra aka Cleo (Female Cat)
Boots aka Bootsy (Male Cat)
I love them all even when drive me crazy.

I Live with my Mom, and that kinda sucks at times, but I deal with it... My chores are Checking the Cat Food, Refreshing the Drinking Water, and Doing the Cat Box. And about Once a week Cleaning the Water Moat we have around the Cat Food... Yeah I know right... But I have no Job, and can't get one so I got to do something around the house.
Long story on why I can't get a Job...

My Step Daddy died October 4, 2013. Never knew real Father. So it’s just Me, and My Mom now. We are doing well. I Love her so much. Currently in a Roommate Living situation that can’t be helped for now. She is on Food Stamps, but other then that neither of us have Income. So we get by with what we can. She does Crafts to try, and pay Storage, and I do a lot around the house. We need one another more now then ever.

I’ve learned a lot in my Life, and one of the biggest is never take anything for granted, and that nothing lasts forever. My Chosen Blood Brother Died February 25, 2014. So the pain of Loss is very strong for me.

I have Aspergers (A High functioning Autism), Dyslexia, OCD, and Anxiety

I try my best to be a Drama free zone, but it does happen at times... Especially on Vampire Rave, and IMVU...
I'm on other things... If you want to get to know me more just ask... If you want to see me on other sites also just ask, and I'll let you know what sites I'm on.

My best quotes are - "Mew" or =^.^=
Thank you for reading up on me.
Thank you for reading, and looking. TTFN Ta Ta For Now.

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